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Latest News - How do I add a scrolling news headline?


In order to compete this action you need to log in to the editor. See the "Logging In" help article for details

The Latest News section allows you to display scrolling messages across the top of your website home page.

To add this to your website, you need to login to the editor on the home page of your website and click on the "LATEST NEWS" tab in the QUICK LINKS menu or the NEWS item in your main menu (depending on your current template).

This will take you to the new Latest News page. You will see a text area into which you can enter your practice news. The news can have as many items as you wish but it is important that each item is formatted correctly.

To add a news item simply click in the text box and type in a brief headline for your news item eg "Flu Vaccinations are now available". Then you need to select this to be formatted as a heading. From the TEXT STYLE dropdown box, select any one of the heading titles eg "Heading 3".

Once you have done this save your changes and you have created a scrolling news item on your home page! Please note the system is designed to scroll text from a single line ie a headline - do not select an entire paragraph. If you wish you can create a paragraph under the title which gives further information about this news item then just format this as "Normal".

You can then add another one beneath using the same process and so on. Once you have saved your changes, close the editor and go back to the homepage of your website. You will now see the news ticker at the top of the page displaying your headline.

If you experience problems, then check the formatting of the page. Anything formatted as a heading will be included in the scrolling headlines - this is includes blank lines and images.

By default your scrolling items to link to the Latest News page so patients can click the item to be transferred to the Latest News page to read the full news item.

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