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How do I change my website style?

Changing your website style is a simple process.  Login to the editor on the homepage of your website and click on the “Website Design” icon just above the main text area.  This will open the style dialog box.  Here you simply double-click on the style you wish to use (this will give you a preview of it).  If you want to select that style then just press the save button and your chosen style will immediately be applied to the website. 


Once you have changed template you may like to get in touch with us to customise your website header with your logo if you have one.

Please note: When changing to a responsive style your menu will automatically be updated to the responsive menu. For most practices this is no problem however if you have a custom menu rather than a default one it may appear that you have lost pages. This isn't the case but you will need to contact the support team to re-instate your custom menu so patients can access them.

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