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How do I add new staff members?

The practice staff page is specialised to help you organise the information in a clear, concise manner.  Initially you will see that your staff have been configured and grouped into their respective areas.  The grouping is automatic depending on the role of the staff member. 

To add a new member just login to the editor and click on “New” from the button list on the right hand side. 

Enter the information in the boxes provided and ensure you select something relevant in the “qualification/role” dropdown as this will dictate which grouping the member of staff will appear in.

You can add a profile or additional information in the large text area. To add a photo use the large text area and the Upload button. We recommend cropping and resizing your photo appropriately before you upload it.

Ticking the "Show in My Surgery Office Only" box will mean that the staff member does not appear on your website but does in the contacts list within My Surgery Office.

You can add general information about a job role (ie. not linked to the name of a person) by leaving the name fields blank and just selecting a Qualification/Role and adding text in the large text area. This will appear as "--- xxxxx Information ---" in the staff list.

When you have finished press “OK”.  Your new staff member has been created and will now appear in the list.

You can now move staff members and role information entries up and down the list within their Role groupings. This relates to the order in which they appear on the website. If you need to edit a staff member's information or remove them you can do using the Edit or Delete buttons.

Make sure you click the Save button  before leaving the Staff editing page or your additions and changes may be lost.

The Qualifications/Roles list can not be edited or customised and the role groupings can not be customised.

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