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"Going Live"

If you have a web address ending:

- - See section One

- .com - See section Two

- - See section Three

- or you do not have a web address/domain - See section Four

Section one

To get your site live we need to make some changes to your domain. There are 2 options available to you. 

  1. Transfer ownership of the domain over to us so we can manage the domain on your behalf. This is by far the simplest solution as we will handle everything for you, you will only have to deal with the one company and only receive one invoice. There is £20 per year domain management fee which is waived on the first invoice.
  2. Keep the domain with the existing company and change the settings so it points at our servers. You will still have to pay a fee to the existing company to manage your domain but you will be dealing with a separate company, you will receive a separate invoice and we will only be able to provide limited assistance if problems arise with the domain.

Action to take:

If you go with option (1) above then you need to ask the domain provider to change the IPS Tag to MYSURGERY 
If you go with option (2) above then you need to ask the domain provider to change the nameservers to and and let us know when this has been completed.

Section Two

In order for us to be able to transfer in your website address we need to know the EPP or Authorisation Key. This can be obtained from the current domain name supplier.  Please contact them and ask them to unlock the address and provide you with the Authorisation key.  You can then contact us via the support form with the Authorisation Key and we will initiate the transfer of your .com website address.

Please note, this is for website addresses which end in .com only.  There is a different process for and addresses

Section Three

If you have a web address ending just let us know and we can contact the NHS on your behalf and ask them to point your domain to your new website.

Section Four

If you do not already have a website address configured for your practice don't worry, we can help.  Simply let us know which website address you would like for your new website and we will organise everything. 

If you would like a or a .com address, the cost will be £20 plus VAT per annum.  If you prefer, you can have a website address ending with  These domain names are free of charge to practices. 

Let us know your preference and we will register it for you. 

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