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Where do my survey results go?

The surveys are different to the forms in that each answer is treated individually. When a survey is completed the information is collated on a question by question basis in real time and added to the Responses section in the survey section of FPMS ie where you created your survey.

In-line with the DES requirements, surveys are designed to be anonymous. When viewing the results the questions are summarised in pie charts. It is not possible to view an entire survey submitted by an individual. Also, there is no way to associate an answer to one question to that of another.


There is no email notification when the survey is completed. If you wish to check the results you simply log on to FPMS and click the Responses link next to the survey name. If you wish to view comments then click the 'Eye Image' on the Results page.

If you wish to publish the results, click on the PUBLISH RESULTS check box.

The comments do NOT show when published on the site. If you can see them when you publish them it is because you are still logged on to the your "FPMS". If you log out then you will what the patient will see - graphs but no comments

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