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Results Analysis and Publishing Your Results

Results Analysis

The website will automatically be building up the results for analysis and you will be able to check this within the FPMS section at any time. 

You can view the results of your survey at any time by clicking on the “Responses” beside your survey within the survey list.

See below for how to view your results and publish on website


At such a time when you think you have reached an appropriate number of responses you can simply switch the survey off again within the editor on the homepage of the website.  To be absolutely sure that nobody will complete any more surveys you can “close” your survey in FPMS by clicking the stopsurvey.jpg  in the survey template (you don’t need to go into the editor to do this).

Publishing Your Results

To publish your results on your website go to your list of surveys in FPMS and tick the box in the Publish Results column that is beside the survey you wish to publish. This will add a Survey Results link to the Further Information list in your website.  You can see this in the diagram above.

If you already have results published on your website then it will add this new one to the list on the Survey Results page.

Note that the Publish Results tick box is only visible if you have results to publish.

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