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How to Create a New Survey

Creating a Patient Survey

In the office tools, you will see an option on the left hand side called Patient Survey.  Click on this and it will bring you to the survey section.  You will see the demo survey templates already present in the survey list – we will add to this as more surveys are created letting you all benefit from practice collaboration.

There are 2 methods for creating a survey.  You can start from scratch and use a blank editor page or you can use the survey wizard to easily build it up questions by question.

Types of Question

Before starting, you should know there are different types of questions available to you. You can have a question which only permits the user to answer ONLY ONE of the options.  For example

Q. Are you happy with the services provided?
A. Yes or No

You can also have an option where users can select MORE THAN ONE option.  For example

Q. Which of the following methods do you use to book your appointments? Tick all that apply.
A. By Phone, At Reception, Online

Or, you can have an option which allows a FREE TEXT answer by the patients.  For example

Q.  Please let us know how we can improve our services
A.  Free text answer

These 3 different answer types will cover all necessary scenarios for your survey. 

Please note the following:

  1. Each question has to have it's own set of answers. It is not possible to create a table of questions with associated answers.
  2. The responses to each question must be treated individually ie there is no way to relate the the response of one question to that of another 
If you wish to create a survey using the Survey Wizard then please click here
If you wish to create a survey using the Editor then please click here
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