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Create a Survey Using the Editor

Create a Survey Using the Editor

Creating a survey is easy.  To create a blank survey click on the “new survey” icon at the top right and select “Use the Editor”.  This will bring up a new blank survey template to use from scratch.  You will be able to create questions and answer types in the text box.  

There are 3 different types of question.  This means when adding a question you set which of the answer types you wish to use.

All answers will begin with one of 3 tags - [OR], [AND] or [TEXT].  Each answer will be separated by a semi-colon.   For example

Where only one item may be ticked the answers begin with the tag [OR]
Q. Have you visited the practice in the last six months?

Where more than one box may be ticked the answers begin with [AND]
Q. How would you prefer to book an appointment?
[AND]In person;By phone;Online

Where you want the patient to answer with text you just enter the tag [TEXT]
Q. Do you have any other comments?

If you created a survey using the 3 questions above it would then look like the survey below for patients to complete


Watch a video of a short survey being created using the editor:

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