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Create a survey using the Survey Wizard

To create a new survey using the wizard, select the + option at the top right of the page or select the drop down next to the + icon and choose “Use the Wizard” from the drop down menu. 

Then follow the on screen steps to create your survey on a question by question basis.  The first screen will ask you to create a title for the survey.  Enter the name of your survey e.g. Patient Experience Survey 2016.  Then click the   icon to go to the next page.

The next step is to put in the question in the question field, followed by the answer type you require.

1) User can select ONLY ONE answer from the list

2) User can select MULTIPLE answers from the lis

3) User can enter free text (e.g add comments)

You can then select the  icon to add another question. When you have finished adding all of your questions click on the “Save and Close” button at the bottom of the survey.  This will then close the wizard and take you back to the survey page. You will see the survey created under the 2016 heading. 


Publishing your survey onto the website

If you log into the Home Page as the editor you will see on the right hand side the option for Online Services under Quick links. Click on this and half way down the page you will see the option for Surveys. Select the survey you wish to publish from the drop down list then Save and Close the page.

If you have the online services buttons on your homepage, you will see a new button added for the survey.

Alternatively if you have the online service link within the have your say section added onto your website you will see a link added on your online services page.


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