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In order to compete this action you need to log in to FPMS Pro and browse the PM Web Tools. See the "Logging In" help article and Getting Started with FPMS Pro for more details.

Before using the Holiday Planner you must have added your staff contact details into the Staff Members section. See Staff Members

What does it do?

  • The Conversations feature allows you to send communications to individual staff members, staff groups, or to everyone. 


Conversations Overview

  1. New conversation
  2. Reply
  3. Close
  4. Print



How do I start a new conversation? 

To start a conversation simply click the “new Conversation” icon at the top right of the main area. You can then select an individual, everyone or a group of people to have the conversation with. Enter your conversation topic and the content. The users who you sent this too will then be notified when they next logon

How do I view my conversations? 

You can select Conversations from within Tool or see any Open Conversations but the button next to the date in the toolbar at the top.

How do I reply to a conversation? 

You can reply to the conversation by going into the conversation topic and clicking the reply icon (2). These comments will then be viewable by all who are taking part in the particular conversation. 

IMPORTANT - A user id does not have to be linked to a member of staff. However, if you want the user to be able to participate in conversations and use to-do items then you must link it by choosing a staff member from the 'Linked To' list.​


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