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In order to compete this action you need to log in to FPMS Pro and browse the PM Web Tools. See the "Logging In" help article and Getting Started with FPMS Pro for more details.

The document manager may look entirely different but the same features are available and we've created a new navigation to make it easier for you to upload and access your files.

How do I?

Add a folder Add Text Page Add Document Link Add Website Link Add Network Link

Document Manager Homepage


  1. File Structure
  2. Sort by
  3. Add a Folder
  4. Add a Text Page
  5. Add Document Link
  6. Add Website Link
  7. Add Network Link

Add folder - If you want to create a new intranet section to put all your documents and information in, this is the option to choose. It allows you to create a hierarchical structure with sub headings and information contained within each one. When you choose “new folder” this will then present you with the folder options. Give the folder a name - this is what will appear in the left hand menu. Then you can assign it a position in the left hand menu and also set the access privileges (further information about access in the users section). Once you save your changes you will see your new item appear in the left hand menu with the name and a folder icon behind it.


Add Text Page - Use this option if you would like to create a page of text and associate it to the menu item – you can have this as a main page in the left hand menu or add it to an already created folder. Text pages can contain text, links, images and are aided by the usual editing options with a useful toolbar.


Add Document Link - You can link documents from your shared drive. To do so:

1) Select the "Select a File" button and locate the file on your shared drive

2) Enter the document name that you would like to appear on the intranet

3) Give the document a description

4) Set any restrictions as needed


Add Website Link - You can also directly link to websites via the intranet. This is particularly useful if you want to add links to useful resources from within a folder. You will get the standard options appearing again whereby you can set access preferences and menu positioning. If you are adding it as a sub-item to a folder you do not get the menu positioning option. There is also the ability to allow the website to open in a new window or keep it embedded in the intranet. Try out both methods to see which works best for you.

1) Type in what you would like the link name to be e.g NHS

2) Type in the web address e.g

3) Set the viewing restrictions


Add Network Link - If you already have documents organised in a folder on your shared drive, you can just link an intranet page directly to that folder. The intranet will then pick up all the files and display them in your internet browser. There are the usual options for menu positioning and access restrictions. If you are adding it as a sub-item to a folder you do not get the menu positioning option. There is also the ability to allow the files to open in a new window or keep them embedded in the intranet.

Enter the network link name such as S, enter the link path and then set the restrictions.


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