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1. FAQ - common AskMyGP enquiries


Q. What is AskMyGP and what are the benefits?

A. Ask My GP is a system designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of general practices by capturing patient history and delivering it to their GP before the patient books an appointment. This enables smarter triaging to self care, phone consultation, face-to-face consultation, and to other clinicians. 

You must have an account with to use this service. 

More detailed information about the system and the benefits it brings to primary care can be found on the AskMyGP website - - or by calling the AskMyGP team on  01509 816293.

Q. How much does it cost and who do I pay?

A. You will be invoiced by AskMyGP separately from your MSW subscription. The price of your website subscription will not change.

Q. Will the price of my website subscription go up?
A. No. The price of your website subscription will not change if you sign up with AskMyGP. 

Q. Where does it go on my website? 

A. After signing up, the AskMyGP patient interface will be embedded on your website homepage, online service page and appointments page. 

Q. How does it work and who supports AskMyGP?

A. Full documentation, training and support will be provided by the AskMyGP team. 

 2. AskMyGP enquiries

AskMyGP sales enquiries

Direct the customer to the AskMyGP team.
Phone: 01509 816293 / email: 


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