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Equipment Manager allows you to track equipment in the practice and set up alerts for when they should be due back. You can also setting up training logs for staff in the practice. It is made up of 6 parts.

1home.png1) Equipment

Set up Equipment
Find/Add Equipment

2) Equipment List Report

Search for Equipment

3) Suppliers

Set up Supplier

4) Equipment Types

Set up types of Equipment

5) Training

Add a new training course
Edit Existing Course
Add Completion Date

6) Alerts

Add Completion Date

Set Up Equipment


  1. Select the green + button to set up a new location
  2. If you want a parent location set the location here. E.g. doctors room 1 on first floor. First floor being the parent location.
  3. Enter the name of the room.

Find/Add Equipment

You can click through the locations and see which equipment is in which room.


  1. Edit the location
  2. Add Equipment

Equipment List Report - Search for Equipment

You can search for equipment and have different filters to select from, e.g. the owner of the equipment, equipment type, location, manufacturer. 

The results are displayed at the bottom beneath "Equipment List Report Results".



In the section you can set up new suppliers and also search through existing suppliers.



  1. Fill in the information for the new supplier.
  2. Select the drop down to filter supplier information.

Equipment Types

You can set up and edit the types of equipment in the practice.


  1. Select the green + button to add a new type of equipment.
  2. Enter the name and select the green "Save" button.
  3. Select any of the equipment to change the name or delete the equipment type.


Add a new Training Course


  1. Select the green + button to add a new Training Course.
  2. Enter the title of the course and select "Save".

The course will then appear on the left hand side under the "Training Courses" heading.

Editing existing courses

Select the course that you want to edit on the left hand side.


  1. Edit the course name.
  2. Add training record.

Add Completion Date

Once you have selected the course from the left and clicked the green + to add a training record you can set a completion date and select the member of staff that has completed the course.



View Alerts and Set Alert Time Periods

Alerts are shown for when equipment is overdue.


  1. Select this section for a drop down so you can edit the alert time periods.
  2. Click to see more information about the piece of equipment that is overdue. Example below:


  1. 11equipment-info.png


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