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What is the member dashboard?


In order to configure your dashboard widgets you need to log in to First Practice Management. See the "Logging In" help article for more details.

A Breakdown of the Member Dashboard

The member dashboard allows you to tailor what content you want to see depending on your interests.

  1. Profile/Settings and Log Out
  2. Main Menu
  3. Show/Hide Search
  4. Search Bar
  5. Show all Blog Posts or Just your select Interests.
  6. Widgets area

Section 5 - Show all Blog Posts or Just your select Interests

In this area you can customise which blog posts you want to appear by selecting your interests in the settings area, alternatively you can select all blog posts to show. For more information click here.

Section 6 - Widgets Area

In this area you can add or remove widgets and order them to your preference. For more information click here.

Favourite Documents

If you want to read a blog post later or favourite a customise document you can do so by clicking the heart icon next to the document or the blog post. (As seen in section 5 above). This will then add a link into the widget area on your dashboard so you can go back and easily access it at any time. (As seen in section 6 above).

Search Bar

The search bar has been configured so that now when you search you search across much more. 

  1. Search Bar
  2. Select to search for results
  3. Results Categories
  4. Results

When you search now you will see results in 4 categories:

  1. Top Picks
  2. Blogs
  3. Forum
  4. Documents

In the example above we have searched for "Guidance" in the results we have 10 search results in "Top Picks", 3 "Blogs" and 10 "Documents" which are all relevant to "Guidance".

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