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What is Checklist?

Checklist allows you to create checklists and tasks for personal use, or assign tasks to specific staff users. You can set a task frequency and set when to alert the user.

  • Add a Checklist
  • Add or Edit Tasks under Checklist
  • Due Tasks
  • Notifications

Checklist Homepage



Add a Checklist

On the left hand side under the "Checklists" heading type in the name of your checklist and press the Enter key on your keyboard. You will see the checklist now show under "My Tasks".



Add or Edit Tasks under Checklist

Select the checklist and a drop down will appear allowing you to enter the tasks.


1) Select the task you want to edit on the left hand side.

2) Enter a description.

3) Set the frequency of the task and when you want to alert users.

4) Select the Staff Members. This can be just yourself or a task for other staff members.

Due Tasks

When a task is due it will show in the relevant section: Today, Next 7 Days or Next Month. If you want to add a comment to the task select the task which is due (1) and then add in your comment (2) and select the green comment button (3). The staff users assigned the task will see the comments when they login.



Notifications show in the top right hand corner of FPMS Pro. If a task is due you can select the "Complete Task" button to complete and remove the task. 

Once a Staff User has completed the task you will see a green tick next to the task.



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