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How do I add Flu vaccination information?

How do I add Flu vaccination information?

Please note: this article is only applicable to websites built after November 2018.

This article covers how to add a Flu vaccination information widget to your website.

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This widget will only show during the usual flu vaccination season, September to April.


  1. Choose the row you want to add the information to or add a new row if needed.
  2. Click the + sign in the grey bar on the left of the row then click Add Widget.
  3. The side menu will open up. Select Flu Vaccination from the list of widgets presented.
  4. The Flu Vaccination widget will be added to the first available space in the row. (See “Using Widgets” to find out how to re-order the row.)
  5. Hover over the Flu Vaccination widget and click the EDIT link that appears.
  6. Enter a title and the required details.
  7. Click the Make this widget Visible checkbox and click Save.

Dos and Don’ts

Common Problems/Mistakes

My widget is not showing when I leave the editor.
Make sure that the “Make this widget visible?” checkbox is ticked in the properties for that widget.

Common Questions/FAQs

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