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How do I add a Friends & Family Test?

How do I add a Friends and Family Test?

Please note: this article is only applicable to websites built after November 2018.

This article covers how to add a Friends and Family Test to your website.

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You will need to activate your Friends and Family Test in FPMS Pro first.



  1. Choose the row you want to add to or add a new row if needed.
  2. Click the + sign in the grey bar on the left of the row then click Add Widget.
  3. The side menu will open up. Select Friends & Family Widget from the list of widgets presented.
  4. The Friends & Family Widget will be added to the first available space in the row. (See “Using Widgets” to find out how to re-order the row.)
  5. Hover over the Friends & Family Widget and click the EDIT link that appears.
  6. Click the Make this widget Visible checkbox and click Save.

Dos and Don’ts

Common Problems/Mistakes

My widget is not showing when I leave the editor.
Make sure that the “Make this widget visible?” checkbox is ticked in the properties for that widget.

Common Questions/FAQs

Where do FFT submissions go?
These are stored in FPMS Pro. You can log in to retrieve the results.

Using widgets
Rows and Widgets - Overview
Homepage set-up
FPMS Pro - Friends & Family Test

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