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How do I add a slideshow?

How do I add a slideshow?

Please note: this article is only applicable to websites built after November 2018.

This article covers how to add a slideshow to your website.

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Don’t copy images from Google and insert them into your website. These may look good but images placed on your website must be licensed for your use or be your own images. If they are not you may find yourself in receipt of a fine or legal proceedings (this has happened to several practices already with fines of £750 upwards).


  1. Choose the row you want to add the slideshow to or add a new row if needed.
  2. Click the + sign in the grey bar on the left of the row then click Add Widget.
  3. The side menu will open up. Select Slideshow from the list of widgets presented.
  4. The Slideshow widget will be added to the first available space in the row. (See “Using Widgets” to find out how to re-order the row.)
  5. Hover over the Slideshow widget and click the EDIT link that appears.
  6. Click the Plus sign to add an image.
  7. Give the image header text and any accompanying text if desired.
  8. Tick the “Make this slide visible” checkbox.
  9. Click Select Image to open the image selector. Choose the image you wish to use. (See How do I add an image for more about using the image selector.)
  10. Click Add link to make this slide link to a page, document or external website. The Add link sidebar will open.
  11. Choose the link type:
    – Page: select a page from the list
    – URL: enter the web address of the external web page you wish to link to
    – Survey: select a survey from the list
    – File: select a file from the list or upload a new one (see How do I upload a file for more about this).
  12. Click the Save button at the bottom of the sidebar. You may have to scroll down.
  13. Set the Slide Rotation Time in seconds by altering the number in the selector box.
  14. Click the Make this widget Visible checkbox and click Save.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Always ensure you have permission to use the image.
  • Try and choose photos that have the right orientation.
  • Crop and resize your images before uploading them to your website. This helps with managing the image on the page and also helps with page loading time. (Pixlr Express is a really simple and easy to use online photo editor). You can also do this in Paint which is included with Windows as standard.
  • Never download an image from Google (or any other search engine) and upload it your site.
  • NEVER use characters from films/TV.
  • Don’t upload a scanned image - the quality will be very poor.

Common Problems/Mistakes

My slideshow is only showing one image."
Check that you have added more than one slide and that more than one is set as visible.

My widget is not showing when I leave the editor.
Make sure that the “Make this widget visible?” checkbox is ticked in the properties for that widget.

Common Questions/FAQs

How do I alter an existing slide?
Go into the EDIT window for the slideshow and use the left and right arrows below the image to move between existing slides. Once on the correct slide just edit the details and click Save.

Using widgets
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