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Adding a Branch Site

Please note: this article is only applicable to websites built after November 2018.

This articles covers how to add a branch site.

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You will need to log in to FPMS/FPMS Pro in order to add a Branch site.


  1. Login to FPMS and go to Website Tools > Sites.
  2. Click the green + icon at the top right hand side.
  3. A new page will open where you can insert the branch site name and address.
  4. Set the "IsPrimary" selector to no to designate this site as a branch site.
  5. Use the latitude and longitude fields to specify map coordinates. The map on the contact page (optional) will use these.
  6. The table at the bottom shows other information stored. Click the "+ New Contact" button to add a new phone number, fax number or email address making sure you add the number or email in the Value box.
  7. In the table, click the Edit link to alter a contact number or email or click the Delete link to remove that contact.
  8. When you have finished click the green Save button (disk icon) in the top right hand corner.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Include the postcode and street name and number.
  • Don’t forget to add the opening times for your new practice. See Adding Opening Times.

Common Problems/Mistakes

My branch site is not showing on my Contact Details page.
Go to the Contact details page and tick the checkbox for this site's details in the properties. See How to add a contact details page for more on this.

Common Questions/FAQs

How do I add the opening times to my new branch practice?
You can add your opening times just as you would with your main site. See Adding Opening Times.

Adding Opening Times
How to add a contact details page
How do I add a new page?

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