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Online Access to Thornfields Training

From 2017 Thornfields Primary Care Training Services will provide an online portal to record and access training course information. For each course attended, a Course code will be provided that can be used as a record of attendance, provide feedback, chat to fellow attendees and download certificates.

To access the site, please go to

How to Login / Register as a new user

If you have login details, enter your username and password, then click ‘SIGN IN’.

If this is your first time accessing the Thornfields training site, please click the ‘Register as a new user’ option;

On the Registration screen, enter the required information and click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’.

With the email address provided, a confirmation email will be sent – click the link provided to confirm your access and take you to the Thornfield site;

From this screen, click the ‘Click here to login’ link and enter the username and password you created.

This will take you to your Member Dashboard, a record of all the courses you have attended and entered into the records.

Logging Course Information

For each course that is attended, there will be a unique ‘Course Code’ that can be entered in your Member Dashboard. Simply enter the course code provided by your trainer in the ‘Redeem A course code’ box and click Search;

Once it has been entered, the details for the course will be shown in a box complete with Course title, dates, location and other details;

Accessing Course Material

By clicking the ‘Course Material’ link, you will be able to access and download the relevant course notes and additional information that has been referenced in the course you attended;

Providing Course Feedback

Before downloading your course certificates, Thornfields will require feedback on the course attended. If you have not provided this before, clicking the ‘Download your Certificate’ link will take you to a Workshop Assessment Questionnaire screen, where you can enter feedback on the training received;

Once completed, you can tick the box if you are happy for Thornfields to use your comments as testimonials for future marketing purposes.

To receive your certificate, click the ‘Save & Download Certificate’ button;

Downloading Course Certificate

If you have completed the Workshop Assessment Questionnaire, (see ‘Providing Course Feedback’), then the Certificate will be available in PDF format.

This can be saved or printed off directly from another window that opens once the ‘Save & Download Certificate’ button has been pressed. The certificate will show your name, the course attended, date and the name of the trainer.

Course 'Chat' Function

Once the course has been completed, there is also the opportunity to contact fellow attendees and discuss topics from the course, or share information and best practice among your peers.

In the Dashboard, there is an option to talk about each course by using the ‘Chat’ function.

Click the topics available to view or respond to a comment;

You will receive alerts in future if there are any new comments added to this thread.

Alternatively, there is an option at the top of the screen to view the available ‘Course Chats’ for the courses you have attended;


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