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iQ CQC Toolkit update issue resolution

This help article is intended for users who are receiving the error "There is an update available. This must be installed on the PC that iQ CQC Toolkit was originally installed on." Please watch the following video which will take you through the resolution of this error. Below you will also find a step-by-step guide.

Please note that this process is for setting the PC you are on now as the device to run future updates from. If this is not the correct PC then you will need to follow these steps on the appropriate device. 


1. If this article is applicable to you then you will see this error before you log in to your toolkit: 


2. Make sure the toolkit is closed. When you get the error message click o.k. and allow the toolkit to load then close it down completely. 

3. Right click on the desk top short cut for the iQ CQC Toolkit, select Properties (the last option on the list). A screen showing the shortcut details will appear.

4. Click on the Open File Location button. (If you are running an earlier version of windows this button will be called Find Target.) This is will open the iQ CQC Toolkit folder. It will look like this:


5. In this folder you will sea file called iQCQCMoved. Double click on this file. A new window will appear that either says "The toolkit is already configured correctly" or it will show a file location. In the first case click OK in the second case click Yes. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS FOLDER, YOU WILL NEED IT LATER.

6. We now need to download the setup files. Open your browser and navigate to the iQ log in page: 
Please login with the details that were emailed to your when you subscribed. If you don't have them please contact customer support on 0333 240 4067 or by email,

7. Once logged in head to the iQ CQC tookit area by clicking the button the right hand side of the screen. Once in this area you will see a section called Manual Update. Download the Setup file by clicking the link found in the second line of text. Save this file to your desktop. 

8. Once downloaded, Run the setup file. Click Next then read through the license agreement, if you agree then accept the Terms and Conditions.

9. You will now be asked to specify the location of the Installation Folder. At this stage do not enter any information and do not press next. Go back to the the iQ CQC Toolkit folder that you opened earlier - go up one level in the file browser to the parent folder. Click in the address bar, highlight the text and copy.

See the images below for  an example (please note that the specific 'file path' will vary depending on your computer and network settings). 

a) The large red box marks out the address bar. The small red box marks the "parent folder":



This is the 'parent folder':



This is the 'file path' you need to copy for stage 10:




10. Go back to the installation window and paste the address into the Installation folder box (highlighted in red below)


11. Click Install and wait for the installation to finish. 

12. To test that the installation has been successful click on the iQ CQC shortcut on your desktop. Log in as normal. If the coloured bar accross the top of the homepage is yellow then the installation has been successful and you are running the latest version ( 

13. Remove the iQ CQC Toolkit - Setup file from your desktop. Please ensure you do not delete the shortcut. 



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