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Choosing your interests


In order to configure your dashboard widgets you need to log in to First Practice Management. See the "Logging In" help article for more details.

How to select your interests

You can now customise what content you want to see on your dashboard. The interests can be edited via the settings.

Step One

Select the profile icon in the top right hand corner, and from the drop down select "Settings".

Step Two

From the 4 options select the 3rd option "Interests". From here you can select which interests and articles you want to read. For ones you want to read simply tick the option, if you do not want content to show for a certain topic then leave unselected (Labelled Number 1 below). After you have finished select the "Save Changes" button. (Labelled Number 2 below).

Step Three

On the dashboard you can now select if you want "All Blog Posts" to show on your dashboard or just the "Interests" you have select via settings. (Number 1 and 2 below)

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