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Job Description Library


In order to configure your dashboard widgets you need to log in to First Practice Management. See the "Logging In" help article for more details.

How to Access Job Descriptions Library

From the main menu select "SITEMAP" and then "Job Descriptions" under the "MEMBERS SECTION" heading.

From here the documents are displayed in 2 columns:

  1. Job Descriptions
  2. Person Specifications.


Simply select any of the job descriptions or Person Specifications links (in green), and a word document will be downloaded for you to view.

Job Description

A job description sets out what the job involves and forms the basis of the recruitment and appraisal processes. For the jobholder, it defines what is expected of him / her, and forms the basis of measurement of a jobholder's performance. Many organisations do not have job descriptions for all their staff, because of a belief that "everyone knows what they should be doing".

Person Specifications

The Person Specification is a profile of the personal skills, qualifications, abilities and experiences to look for in the recruitment and selection process. The criteria set out in the Person Specification should relate directly to the duties of the job description and contain the minimum requirements essential to do the job effectively. These criteria should then form the basis of the advertisement in order to attract the most suitable candidates. The Person Specification will also form the basis of the selection criteria.


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