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FPM Compliance Manager: Publishing Documents in FPM Compliance Manager

This is a quick guide to show users how to publish documents in the FPM Compliance Manager.

In FPM Compliance Manager.

You need to first go into Staff Training and then click on Publish documents.


In the Publish documents page, you will see all the documents that are on the Compliance Manager for your organisation.

You will need to make sure the document you are wanting to publish has a green colour associated to it which means is has been completed in the Documents Library.

You then need to click on the very last button to publish the document.


A new window will pop open in there you can add notes for fellow colleagues to see.

If your happy with document you then have two options the first being to publish the document and set a new review date for it or to just publish the document.


When you have clicked on one of the two options the document will then show in the Document reader for the users.

In here you the users can read the document by clicking on the Word doc.

Once they are happy they have read and understood the document they can click and confirm this by clicking on the last button on the page.


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