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Upgrading to Mobile Friendly Website Designs

What are responsive designs? 

As you would have read in a recent My Surgery Website newsletter, we have now released a set of mobile friendly website designs. These designs are “responsive”, which means your website will automatically resize to fit the screen and will look much better when viewed on a mobile or tablet.

Considering that an ever increasing number of patients are accessing your website using mobiles and tablets, and that Google now considers responsiveness when indexing websites, we highly recommend that you migrate onto one of our new templates.

We have strived to make the switchover to the responsive designs as easy as possible for our website editors.

This article will explain how you can change your website design to a responsive template. 

When making the switchover there are a few things to consider:

Navigation Menu

Our usage statistics show that the main navigation menu is the primary route whereby patients access information on your website. As such, the responsive designs now incorporate links to Online Services and News in the navigation menu.

As part of the streamlining of the navigation menu on responsive designs, it no longer has a link for Tests & Results. If you would like to keep this information we suggest that you copy it into a new tab under Our Services or a new Further Information page.

These help article will refresh your memory on how to edit your website and add new pages:

How to add a new page

How to add a new tab

How to format text

Custom slideshows

If you have a custom slideshow, it may be the case that on larger screens the quality of the slideshow images appears to have decreased. To remedy this we may need higher quality images from you.

If you think your slideshow is effected please contact:


The way we add logos to your website has changed for the mobile friendly templates. If you would like your practice logo to appear on your mobile friendly website please send it through as an email attachment to:

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