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September Newsletter

September 2014



It has been a busy time in the My Surgery Website offices as we move towards closer integration with our colleagues at FPM Group; First Practice Management, iQ Medical and Thornfields. Through the group we are now providing an extended range of practice management support services focused on ensuring regulatory compliance and driving practice efficiencies. Our extensive range of services now include; compliance support, recruitment, consultancy, training, websites, intranets and  patient communication services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on any of our services.

MSW Product Updates

There are a number of recent and upcoming product updates we wish to share with you. These are pertinent to your surgery website and online services.

GMS Contract & Online Services 2014/2015

onlineservices.pngAs the offering of online services has moved from an optional DES requirement to a compulsory GMS one, it should be central in everyone’s mind that this is something you should be doing through your surgery website. 

Let me reassure you that you can comply with these regulations using your current website. We will make it easy for you. There are several aspects to the GMS Contract which are relevant to your surgery website including:
1. Electronic appointment booking
2. Online booking of repeat prescriptions
3. Patient access to their GP record

For full information about how online services are required as part of the GMS contract, you can read the guidelines on the government website (74C)

Friends & Family Test

c03078bb-8316-40fd-8fc1-5c707470db9f.jpgThe Friends & Family Test is being introduced on 1st December 2014 for GP surgeries. 

There are already some pilot sites carrying this out and it will be a national requirement by the end of the year.  We have added a survey to your Surgery Office tools which you are free to use. 

Find out more about this and how to add it to your website in our help forum.  

Coming Soon - My Surgery Website Version 2

3bea191d-5a8f-463e-963f-22930e5a25ce.pngWe have been focusing on enhancing our websites to provide you with a design that has even greater usability and is easier for you to maintain. There will be a new layout with sleeker menu options and more variety of templates to choose from. There will also be a new improved website editor allowing you greater flexibility and standards compliant content. The enhanced usability means you will also be able to control more options such as online services and the integration of your clinical system services. 

The new site will be a mobile responsive design, meaning that the sites will adapt to which ever device they are viewed on - be it on a tablet, mobile phone or pc. We are hoping to release this new version at the beginning of Q4 and will inform you of the changes prior to release.


Image Conscious

c1fb9afd-2aed-4188-b27e-f1221f368f26.jpgWhilst we encourage you to take ownership of editing and managing the content on your website please be conscious of copyright laws when adding material to your site.

This is especially pertinent in the use of images. Images taken from the web may be copyright protected. An image innocently uploaded to your site could be an infringement on those rules.

Please check if an image is copyright protected before you upload it or only use images from a known copyright free source.


Online Consultations Survey

e6770ace-91dc-4d0f-b8be-a1036854b662.jpgWe have a basic online consultation tool currently available for you to use however we would like to improve on this feature and make it more useful to our practices. 

Please spare 2 minutes and answer our short survey on this.  We value all your input and it allows us to create the functionality you find useful.

Yes.png Let us know what you think about online consultations here
We appreciate your time and feedback


NHS Inform and Health Information

nhsinform.jpgWe have been working with NHS Inform on updating our health information to include content which is applicable to Scottish Practices only.  This allows you to provide the most relevant and approved health information on your website.  We have now received final approval for content including Care Information Scotland, Patient Advice & Support, Pregnancy Care in Scotland and the NHS Inform Health A-Z and Common Health Questions.  We will be releasing these with the new version of My Surgery Website (see above) and you will be able to add these to your website.

Liaising with NHS Inform we have also updated content on our Family Health and Long Term Conditions pages to reflect relevant links to Scottish resources. These are live on your website already.


My Surgery Website will continue to develop and we welcome all your comments and feedback. We would genuinely like to hear from you on any aspect of our websites, how they could be improved, what features you would like to see and how we can make the whole service better.  Please take a minute and let us know what you think in this one question survey.

Yes.pngLet us know how we can improve your website service

We hope you are all continuing to find your website both easy to use and beneficial to your practice as a whole.  Thanks for all your feedback and we hope that by acting upon your needs we can continue to develop our products to improve the service to you and your patients.

As always if you have any questions or need some help or advice, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help –


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