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Create User Poll

To create a user poll, go to FPMS or your Intranet and open the Surveys page. You will see a button link at the top of the list to create a new user poll. Click this and enter a name for your poll to help you identify it later. Then type your question into the box below and save your poll. Remember, once you have added your poll to your website and someone has responded you will not be able to change the question so make sure to check it for mistakes!

To add your poll to your website, open the website editor, go to the online services page and scroll down to the Polls section. Choose the desired poll from the drop down list of user polls and save the page. Every visitor to your website will now see the user poll. Should they respond, a cookie will record this fact so that the system knows not to keep showing this person the poll.

The responses to your poll can be seen in FPMS or FPMS Pro. Go to the Surveys page and click in the list where it says the number of responses, You will be able to see the actual number of responses and also the Yes/No percentages. To restart the poll you can simply delete the responses.

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