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In order to compete this action you need to log in to FPMS and browse the PM Web Tools. See the "Logging In" help article and Getting Started with FPMS Pro for more details.

What does it do?

  • The contacts section of the intranet allows you to maintain a central database of contact details. 
  • You can organise contacts into different categories.
  • Users who register using the newsletter or PPG sign up forms are automatically added to contacts. Click here for more information. 
  • You can send emails, surveys and newsletters to your contacts.
  • This section of the site is for managing external contacts. Click here to read about the Staff Member tool. 

Contacts Manager Overview 

  1. Select all
  2. Send email to selected contacts
  3. Send a flu vac reminder to selected contacts
  4. Send survey to selected contacts
  5. Upload newsletter and email it to selected contacts
  6. Delete contacts
  7. Manage categories
  8. New contact
  9. Export as excel
  10. Opens a version of this page suitable for printing

How do I add a new contact?

To add a contact, simply click on the Add Contact Icon (8) which will then open the editor for you to enter the new contact’s information. Visitors to your website who complete the newsletter or PPG sign up form are automatically. 

How do I categorise contacts? 

You can add as many categories as you like and then assign contacts to certain categories. For example, you may wish to create a category called “Hospitals” and then add numerous contacts for different hospitals in the area. To add a new category, simply click on the “edit” button beside the category dropdown with the contact dialog box. You can then highlight “add new category” and type the name in the Category Text Box. Once you have added the category it will automatically display in the drop down list and you can always assign it to a contact.

How do I send emails to contacts? 

If you want to send an email to all of your contacts you can select the select all icon (1), then select the Send email icon (2). Alternatively if you wish to email a select few you can do so by just ticking the box next to the contacts name and then select the Send email icon.

Once on the Emailing Contacts screen:

1) Enter the subject 

2) Add your content

3) Select the "Choose file" button to add an attachment. Remember to press the + button to add the attachment to your email.

4) Select the email button to send your email



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