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Going Live with .uk domain

This does not apply to domains

If you don't have an existing web address please contact the support desk and we will arrange one for you. 

Some important information

  • These terms all refer to the same thing: Web address = Domain = URL
  • Domains are separate to websites (in the same way phone number are separate to telephones)
  • are free (but subject to restrictions). All other domains always incur an annual cost regardless of where the domain is located.

To get your site live we need to make some changes to your domain. If your website address ends in .uk (ie, but not then there are 2 options available to you.

  1. [Highly Recommended] Transfer the domain over to us so we can manage it on your behalf. This is by far the simplest solution as we will handle everything for you, you will only have to deal with the one company and only receive one invoice. There is £20 per year domain management fee, although this is free in the first year. We will contact you when we receive the domain to arrange going live.

  2. Keep the domain with the existing company and change the settings so it points at our servers. You will still have to pay a fee to the existing company to manage your domain but you will be dealing with a separate company, you will receive a separate invoice and we will only be able to provide limited assistance if problems arise with the domain.

Action to take:
If you go with option (1) above then you need to ask the domain provider to change the IPS Tag to MYSURGERY
If you go with option (2) above then you need to ask the domain provider to change the nameservers to and and let us know when this has been completed. It is critical that you let us know you have made these changes otherwise your website will not be when the changes take effect. 

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