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Why it can takes a little time for your site to come live

When we change your domain over, the new website may not load for several hours. Sometimes it might load and then revert to the old site. This is quite normal and can take up to 48 hours for all the changes to propagate across the internet. There is nothing that can be done to change this - it is the nature of the internet. 

Here's what is happening:
Whenever you load a website the data will travel through dozens of servers and exchanges. The path is never identical. If it loads correctly then the data has passed through servers that had updated. If reverts to the old site then the data simply passed through servers that haven't updated yet. 

  • If you access your site on your phone (using a mobile signal not wifi signal) then the new site shouldload as mobile networks update much more quickly. 
  • Also, you can go to , enter your address and choose EU servers from the drop down box then you will see that it loads. If it was not set up correctly, it would not load. 
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