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Telephone Call Request Form

This allows patients to request a telephone call with a member of the practice team.  Firstly, log in to your Staff Home page and go to the “Appointment/Call Requests” option.  At the top of this you will see a button called “Options” – click this.  Within this you can set the option for the number of days ahead you would like to restrict patients to requesting a telephone or appointment request on e.g. if you set it to 4, the patient can only requests appointments from 4 days in the future.  Save your settings.  You can set the maximum and minimum values which restricts the timescale in which patients can make the request for.

You can also enable/disable the option for patients to leave a comment.  Simply tick/untick the comment option at the bottom of these settings.

When a patient fills in this form you will receive an email confirmation at the practice.  This will contain a link which you click on to access the submitted data.  The patient will also get an automated email receipt to let them know that this has been sent to the practice.

When you click on the link you will need to enter your staff username/password to access the data. You will be then presented with the Appointment/Call Request manager and can see the request in the list.  Click on the item you wish to process and it will show you all the details.  You can at that point either select “book/not booked” and process accordingly.  Whatever you select here will then get automatically emailed back to the patient so they are aware of what is going on.   

You can set which email address at the practice the telephone request notification goes to.  If you login to the website editor on the “contact details” page of your website you will see a section titled “Email Addresses”.  Click on this to open it up.  You will see an option for “Cancel Appointments”.  Enter the email address you wish these notifications to be sent to in this box and click on “Save”.  The appointment emails are now set to go to this email address. 

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