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Why can't I customise my forms


The prescription form is a little different. Please see the end of this article for an explanation about the prescription form. 

It is not possible to customise the online forms in anyway becasue the forms are centralised and not unique to your website (ie they are shared across all sites). If a change was made to one form that change would appear on all practices using that form. 

The online forms system handles a huge amount of sensitive patient data. While the forms themselves may appear simple, what happens to the information when the patient presses "send" is extremely complex. The data has be checked and validated, transmitted & stored securely in specific fields so it can only be accessed by the practice for which it was intended. If we were to add a field, there would be nowhere to store the data in the database. 

If you wish, we can remove the online form and upload your version in pdf format. This form would not be emailed to anyone when filled out by the patient - the patient would have to print it out and bring it along to the surgery.

The Prescription Form

It is possible to add "free-text" to the top of the form and set the pick up locations. This is managed

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