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Appointment Cancellation Form

Automatically built into your website is a basic appointment cancellation procedure which can save the practice time by allowing patients to send a message to the practice cancelling their appointment.  The patient simply goes to the website, opens the form and fills in their relevant appointment information and clicks “send”. The website will then send an email to the practice notifying them of this cancellation. 

You can set which email address this notification goes to.  If you login to the website editor on the “contact details” page of your website you will see a section titled “Email Addresses”.  Click on this to open it up.  You will see an option for “Cancel Appointments”.  Enter the email address you wish these notifications to be sent to in this box and click on “Save”.  The appointment cancellation emails are now set to go to this email address. 

If you have your clinical supplier’s online system in place (eg Emis Access, SystmOne Online or VisionOnline), the link on the homepage of your website will send the patient directly to this system to cancel their appointment.  

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