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New Patient Medical Questionnaire

This runs in conjunction with the registration form above.  The patient fills the form in electronically and this information is all sent via a secure link to the practice.  The practice will receive an email with a link to each completed form.  For security purposes, you will have to enter your staff username/password to access the data which the patient has submitted.   You will then have their short medical history available for their new patient medical examination.

We understand that there are different criteria for Alcohol questions across the country so there is both the option to use the Audit-C questions or the FAST alcohol questions on this new patient form.  If you wish to switch to one or other please contact our support team who will assist. 

You can change the email addresses to which online forms are sent by logging into the editor on your “Contact Details” page.  The email address for this form is the same one that is used for pre-registration, travel questionnaires etc.   Click on the “Email Addresses” bar and you can then enter the email addresses you wish to receive the information to – please note that the email address you set in the editor for this form will also affect other forms on the website.  Remember to save your changes after you have made the alterations. 

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