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Anxiety & Depression Assessment – HAD

We have built a form on the website which allows you to collect patient anxiety & depression information via the interactive HAD form.  To switch on this form you will first need to log in to the editor on your website.  Go to the item under the further information menu which says “add a new page”.  You then select “Anxiety & Depression Assessment” from the drop down box beside the “Content” option.  Save your changes and close the editor.  Your form will now be active on the site.

When a patient fills in this form they the practice will receive an email with a password protected link to access the information.  You will need to use your staff username/password combination to access the submitted data.


There are 2 versions of the HAD questionnaire. If the one you have is not correct then you need to do the following:

  1. Change the content to FREE TEXT using the drop down box on the right hand side
  2. Save the page
  3. Place the cursor on "Anxiety & Depression Assessment" link and press the "Create Link" icon in the editor tool bar. 
  4. The link will either be /had1.aspx or /had.aspx If the form you have is not the form you want then either remove or add the "1" as appropriate. ie if you have /had1.aspx then change it to /had.aspx or vice-versa
  5. Save the changes and close the editor. 

You can change the email addresses to which online forms are sent by logging into the editor on your “Contact Details” page.  The email address for this form is the same one that is used for pre-registration, travel questionnaires etc.   Click on the “Email Addresses” bar and you can then enter the email addresses you wish to receive the information to – please note that the email address you set in the editor for this form will also affect other forms on the website.  Remember to save your changes after you have made the alterations. 

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