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Test Results

This facility is aimed at allowing practices to provide information regarding a patient’s test results via the website.  This system does not integrate with the practice’s clinical system rather it is a method of cutting down phone calls to the practice.  When a patient asks for their test results to be supplied online, the practice needs to record this in the Test Results Manager which is part of the website management tools accessed via your Staff Home page.  You open the test results manager and click on “new test”.  Then enter the patient details and what the test was.  Click on “save”.  This will then generate a unique key which will automatically be emailed to the patient.

You will then see the new test in your Test Results Manager.  Once the test result has come back to the practice, you can then log in to your staff home page again and go to the Test Results Manager.  Click on the relevant test and then action accordingly – there are some pre-defined options and you can add your own text if you wish.

The patient will then receive an email asking them for their unique key which they can enter and view the results of their test and if any further action is required.

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