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Patient Comments & Feedback Form

This appears on the “Contact Details” page of your website.  It simply allows patients to send their feedback and comments via a contact form on the page.  The patient fills in the form and their comments get wrapped in an email and sent to a designated email address at the practice.  You can change this and the other email addresses to which online forms are sent by logging into the editor on your “Contact Us” page.  Click on the “Email Addresses” bar and you can then enter the email addresses you wish to receive the information to.  Remember to save your changes after you have made the alterations. 

If you do not wish this form to appear on your website log in to the editor on your “contact details” page and go to the “Email Addresses” section.  Simply delete the email address under “General” and then save your changes.  The feedback form will then automatically disappear from your website.

On the form, there is a paragraph at the top which has some default text in it. This section is editable by the practice.  To amend this content you login to the editor on the “Contact Details” page of your website and scroll down.  You will see a section called “Other Details”.  Click on this and it will expand.  You will then see a text area at the bottom with the content in it.  Simply amend this to what you wish to appear at the top of the Contact Form and save your changes.  This will have now changed the text on the form. 

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