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Patient Participation Group (PPG) Sign-Up Form

As part of the website you get a dedicated Patient Group page.  This can be used to house all the information relevant to your patient group.  This page sits at the top of the further information menu and has an icon beside it.  Sometimes this page will be titled “Get Involved”, “Patient Group” or “Patient Participation Group” but you can set this title within the editor. 

As part of this page, you will have a “sign up to patient group” form.  This allows patient to express an interest in joining your patient participation group. 

The form has been designed in line with NHS guidance to allow you to capture a proper patient demographic for your group. 

When a patient fills in this form they the practice will receive an email with a password protected link to access the information.  You will need to use your staff username/password combination to access the submitted data.  

The received form will contain all of the patient information and you can then decide if you wish to add this patient to your group.  If you do, you go to the bottom of the form and click the “add to group” button.  The patient details will then be saved to your “Patient Reference Group” contact which are held within My Surgery Office.  Please refer to the “My Surgery Office” section of this guide to find out how this works further.

You can change the email addresses to which online forms are sent by logging into the editor on your “Contact Details” page.  The email address for this form is the same one that is used for pre-registration, travel questionnaires etc.   Click on the “Email Addresses” bar and you can then enter the email addresses you wish to receive the information to – please note that the email address you set in the editor for this form will also affect other forms on the website.  Remember to save your changes after you have made the alterations. 

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