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The importance of compliance

Information Governance
We have dedicated, enterprise level servers that are based in the UK and managed in accordance with strict NHS Codes of Practice that relate to records management, information security and confidentiality. Security of data and the control of any interactive form content are of paramount importance and we have certified proof of encryption methods.

It is important that visitors to a website are made aware of just what data will be stored and used in future. Compliant sites will contain statements explaining data collection and the use of cookies. There is also a legal obligation to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office when processing personal data. My Surgery Website complies with all privacy requirements.

Future Proof Encryption
We currently use SHA-2 SSL Encryption for all patient data transfer. This is the latest stable version - when an update is required we will automatically take care of it for you. 

Disability Compliance
The Disability Discrimination Act makes it unlawful for companies to provide an inferior service to, or discriminate against, a disabled person. The Act states that people should have "access to, and use of, means of communication", and "access to, and use of, information services". MSW complies with all disability requirequirements.

Being able to restore vital information is a key issue for any service provider and secure management of this aspect should be a top priority. My Surgery Website has a fully automated, robust and secure backup procedure.

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