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What should I look for in a website provider

General Practice websites are widespread these days along with the number of providers competing to build them. However, with the constant requirement for GP’s to offer more and more in the way of interactive online services, a website is no longer just a computerised version of the Practice leaflet.

The ever evolving nature of GP websites brings with it both moral and legal obligations, some of which are obvious whilst others may not be. And in these days when every aspect of a GP surgery is subject to an audit, staying on the right side of compliance is a serious issue.

Practices should consider whether their website covers the following bases. If not then a conversation with My Surgery Website should be the very next consideration.

We know what is involved, we understand the technology and the market. We deal with over 4000 practices and understand the challenges you face. With well over 10 million patients using our system every month we also know exactly what the patient is looking for - if your website is easy to use then the fewer patients will phone the practice. 

If you are offered a cheaper product ask yourself is it worth the risk? We can offer the price because we have the volume... no other provider has a comparable volume so a cut price provider must be making savings elsewhere. Are you getting a comparable service? The answer is easy... NO!

If you haven't read it already, please take a minute to read "the importance of compliance" - getting it wrong might make the difference 

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