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Merging Your Practice Website

Merging practices is something we are asked about often and is something we help with regularly. The process will take 7-10 days. 

When merging sites, there are a number of options to consider: 

a) We can create a new account and new website from your new practice leaflet. The new site is sent to you on a demo link so you can review it and make any changes before going live.

b) One of the existing websites becomes the "primary" and the other the "branch". The primary website essentially remains the same and subsections are added that provide information about the branch.

If there are substantial changes to the practice name, location and staff then option (a) is usually the best course. If one practice is being incorporated as a branch, I would suggest (b).

Will you be producing a new practice leaflet? Even if it is still in draft form, we can work from a new leaflet to update the merged site.

Costs & Invoices

There is no additional costs involved for setting up your new merged site. It is just part of the service we provide. 

From an account perspective, we will look at the invoices from both sites and credit the new account with the remaining credit from the most recent invoice. 


We can also redirect both web addresses to the new merged site, as well as register new web addresses.

If one of the sites is not a MSW site then the domain will need to be redirected.

If you have email attached to one of the domains then you need to inform us. 

My Surgery Expert/Intranet

  • If both sites have an intranet then it will not be possible to merge the intranet
  • If you wish to keep an existing intranet then the Practice ID of the existing intranet (required for login) cannot be changed
  • We will need to create an intermediate step to allow surveys and and FFT to be connected but this is something that we will naturally do as part of the process. However, if there is existing data you wish to keep then you must let us know. 


The final consideration is do the patients know about the merger? If the merger is not to be public knowledge until it is completed then (a) above is really your only option. 


If you have additional questions please let us know. 

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