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Accessibility Information Standard

What is it?

At the first point of contact practices must prompt patients to describe their information access needs - increasingly this first contact point is online. To that end, we have released an online form that allows you to securely capture patient information needs via your website. 

Adding the form to your website

  • Log into the website via the "Edit" login link and navigate to the "Further Information" menu (either at the right hand side or bottom of the website).
  • At the bottom of the Further Information menu select "---Add a new page---".
  • Next to the "Content" heading select "Accessibility Information" from the drop down list. You will see the accessibility information content populated in the editor.
  • If you want to then add extra content into this page you will need to go to the drop down next to "Content" again and select the "Free Text" option before you can add your custom content. 
  • Once finished, click Save and close the page.

Troubleshooting: If you can not see the ---Add a new page--- option this is because you are currently using the full capacity of 20 further information pages. To free up a page you will need to merge some of your content or delete one of the pages that you no longer require.

Accessing Completed Online Forms

As with all online forms on your website, when a patient fills in the form you will get an email notification telling with a link to access the submitted form. All patient interaction is encrypted and stored securely in your Staff Home section.

The Staff Home section of the website is a secure section which is only accessible with the Staff username/password provided with your website details. It is always accessible via the link in the footer of your website called “Staff Home”. In this section there are options to handle some of the interactive forms (Repeat Prescriptions, Appointment Requests, Newsletters, New Patients etc) that are outlined above.


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