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Requesting bulk changes to your website

It is absolutely no problem to help you with bulk changes to your website. We have a lot of experience with this and we are here to help. The difficulty the support desk has is getting the required information to allow us to make the all the changes. We can't make changes over the phone and we want to avoid unnecessary "to'ing and fro'ing" so we have now introduced a really effective pro-forma.

To make life as easy as possible for you we have simplified the form down to the bare essentials. To get the most of the form, please follow these guidelines

  1. Please put one change on one line
  2. As you populate the info, numbers will appear next to each change. If we need to speak to you about a change we will refer to that number
  3. If an issue is hard to explain, please note the page and write a basic description of the problem. We deal with huge numbers of requests and quite often we will know what you are asking for.  

Please download the change request form below.

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