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How do I view and publish the comments on the website?


  • Logged on to FPMS
  • Existing Survey that patients have responded to

Go the FFT section and open the relevant survey. When the survey opens you will see some buttons at the top. The two buttons that contain the results are VIEW STATISTICS and VIEW RESPONSES.

VIEW STATISTICS provides a overview and graph of the answers so you can get an instant summary of all responses.

View responses.png

VIEW RESPONSES shows you the individual responses. This is where you can publish the comments directly to your website.

View responses1.png

Filter Responses

It is possible to filter these results in the following way:

  • By the answer given (eg if you wanted to see the comments made by people who said they were unlikely to recommend the practice)
  • If the patient has given permission to publish their comment
  • If the comment is published or not


Using these filters together allows you to, for example identify all positive comments that are not published on the site that the patient has given permission to publish – allowing you to publish new results quickly and without hassle.

To publish comments simply tick the relevant checkbox in PUBLISH column


Important: You can only publish a comment from a patient if they have ticked the box on the survey giving you permission to publish their comments. 

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