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Configuring your browser

My Surgery Intranet has upgraded to FPMS Pro. To ensure everything works correctly, you must make some simple changes to your browser settings. Please note these settings must be applied to every computer that uses FPMS Pro.

If you don't have the necessary access to update your settings, you will need to submit this request to your NHS IT teams who will have the admin log ins for your practice machines. 

Each setting is summarised below then described in detail:

  1. Trusted Sites: Add exactly this:  *://*
  2. Turn Off Compatibility Mode: Ensure compatibility mode is off and remove from the compatibility mode list
  3. Ensure Active Scripting is enabled (should be on by default)


Trusted Sites

This is very important to get right and is the single biggest cause of problems. If you have any existing entries then please remove them.  When you add the link below, please add it exactly as it is displayed. 

This setting tells your browser that it is OK for FPMS Pro to open files. It is is a quick process as detailed below:

Open Internet Explorer and go to INTERNET OPTIONS. Click on the SECURITY tab

  1. Click on TRUSTED SITES
  2. Click on SITES

  1. Unclick Require Server Verification
  2. Copy and pastes the link below - exactly as it appears
  3. Click Add

Add this link exactly - including astrix:


Turn Off Compatibility Mode

Please ensure Compatibility Mode is off for 
Click the Tools button, then click Compatibility View settings.

  • If the domain is listed please remove.
  • Please also check to ensure that compatibility mode is off

Active Scripting 

In the Security Settings – Internet Zone dialogue box, click Enable for Active Scripting in the Scripting section (this will most likely be enabled by default)


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