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Troubleshooting FPMS Pro File Access

Most of time when FPMS Pro doesn't work properly it is due to local configuration issues. This is because FPMS Pro is a browser based system your browser must be "told" that it is OK for FPMS Pro to access your files.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the only browser that you can use FPMS Pro in. This is a Windows permissions issue. MS Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox will not work. If a document has been uploaded in one these browsers then it will not work and will need to be uploaded again from Internet Explorer. You must use IE8 and above - there is no support for IE7 or below. 

Trusted Sites

This is very important to get right and is the single biggest cause of problems. Please take a minute to check your trusted sites as per this article. Please note existing entries must be removed. Please follow these instructions

If the problem still exists then we need to ascertain what is causing the problem as different surgeries have different configurations:

Please note: You must use Internet Explorer (Windows won't allow any other browser to have the necessary permission to access your files)

In order to ascertain what is going on please provide us with the following information: 

  1. Please go to, copy the link on the homepage and send it to us
  2. Please send a screenshot of your Trusted Sites settings
  3. Please take a screenshot of any error message that you get
  4. If there is a yellow triangular warning symbol in the bottom left of the screen please double click it and send us the error message
  5. Please send us the file in question that you are trying to open and a description of where on FPMS Pro it is located.
  6. Please let us know if this is affecting multiple machines or an individual computer. 




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