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Setting Up Drug Manager

If not then you will see a message informing you that you need to contact an administrator to change your role.


In drug manager there are locations and containers. A location is any location you wish to categorise things by, this could be by surgery so you could have one location for main surgery and one for a branch surgery. To add a location go to settings > locations > locations > create

A location can also be an area within a building, for example top floor. Locations can be within another location so when adding a location you could set top floor to be within main surgery like below:


Once you’ve added the locations you want it’s then time to add containers. Containers are physical places that drugs are kept, this can be a controlled drug cabinet, fridge or a doctors bag. To add a container go to settings > locations > containers > create

When adding a container you must select a location that the container is based in so make sure you’ve added the location you want to add the container to:


Suppliers are the companies that you order any drugs from, when adding drugs into the system you are asked to select the supplier that provided the drugs, this information is used to track where a drug came from for auditing purposes.

To add a supplier go to Settings > Suppliers > Create new

You’ve now completed the initial requirements for setting drug manager up.

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