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Alerts are short messages that let users know that action needs to be taken or it needs to be taken soon. There are three categories of alerts,

Urgent alerts

Urgent alerts are shown in red and tell the user that action may need to be taken as an item is either out of stock or has expired.

Warning alerts

Warning alerts tell the user that action may need to be taken soon as an item will expire soon or run out of stock soon.

Action taken alerts         

If an item has an urgent or warning alert and a user then takes action to remedy the problem (eg adding more of a drug that is about to run out of stock or expire) then the alert for that item will turn to green to let other users known that action was taken to remedy the problem

Alerts are generated for the following reason:

  • Drug is low on stock (less than 25% of the original quantity added) –(Warning)
  • Drug is out of stock - (Urgent)
  • Drug expires in 7 days or less – (Warning)
  • Drug has expired – (Urgent)
  • User’s training course expires in 30 days or less (Warning)
  • Users training course has expired (Urgent)

Alerts are added to the alerts page; the number of current alerts is displayed in brackets in the alerts section. For example in the menu below there are

The alerts are shown as below:

If you wish to search alerts then simply type in the search box and alerts will only be shown where they contain the text searched for. To acknowledge and alert and remove it press the cross on the far right of the alert row, it will now be removed for you but still visible to other users.


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