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Changing User Permissions

By default, unless the user is an administrator in drug manager users can’t perform any actions other than logging in. Users are created automatically when a user logs in from MSE into drug manager, all of their details are automatically entered, if you find any details are incorrect then you can edit the user and change their settings to the correct ones. User permissions are changed through the users section in settings. To edit a user go to Settings > Users > (click the edit button on a user).

The main purpose for editing a user is to change their permissions. User permissions are changed by changing the user permissions selected option and then pressing save. The now has permission to perform the actions for that group.

If you wish to view information about what a group can do then select the group from the drop down list and click Role responsibilities to view a list of actions the group can perform.

Users can also be assigned to a training course, to create a training course please see Training courses. To add a user to a training course click the Blue plus button under training courses, then select a training course and provide an expiry date if relevant. This will no show the users has the training course selected and when it expires.

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