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Using Drug Manager

Before you can use drug manager you’ll need to add some drugs into the system. To add a drug you’ll need to go to Delivery, this can be done through the delivery option on the menu or from the drug delivery button on the home page:

To add drugs just type the details of the drug you want to enter and drug manager will automatically search the NHS drug dictionary for any drugs that match. The more information you provide the more accurate the results are so try to provide as much information as possible. For example, typing the drug name, strength and manufacturer will usually provide you with a very accurate list of drugs.

Once you find the drug you want to add simply click the row in the table and you will be provided with a box to provide details about the drug. See below for instructions:

Carry on adding drugs t the delivery until you are done, once you’ve added all the drugs you wish to add simply press the delivery option on the menu or press go to basket:

Here you will see a list of all the drugs you have added to the delivery, you can edit a drug if anything is wrong or remove a drug completely. If everything is fine then press complete delivery

Now you will be prompted for information about the delivery, this allows you to trace exactly what delivery a drug came from.

Once you have drugs in the system you can then perform various actions with them. The 5 main actions are as follows:

  1. Administer drug:

Administer drug is where you give a drug to a patient, here you provide information about the patient, the date you administered the drug and the dosage. If the drug is a controlled drug then a witness must be provided. The witness must authenticate with drug manager using their username and password to ensure that the user witnessing is actually there to witness the administering of the drug.

  1. Transfer drug:

Transferring a drug is where a drug is moved from one container to another, this may be to a container in a different location. You can transfer the whole pack of drugs or only some of it.

  1. Destroy drug:

This is where a drug is destroyed and removed from the system, a reason for the destruction must be provided. If the drug is controlled then a drug destruction witness must also provide their username and password to ensure they are there when the drug is destroyed.

  1. Return drug to supplier:

Returning a drug to supplier removes the drug from the system and records that the drug was returned to the supplier, because drug manager knows which supplier the drug came from in the first place there is no need to provide the supplier details. You must provide a reason for the drug being returned to the supplier. If the drug is controlled then an authorised witness must authenticate with drug manager to ensure they witnessed the returning of the drugs to the supplier.

  1. Correct drug stock

Sometimes mistakes happen and so it is here that any mistakes that have been made are corrected. Provide the actual stock of the drug and the reason the stock amount was incorrect. If the drug is controlled then a witness must authenticate with drug manager to confirm the actual stock of the drug.


To perform an action with the drug simply click the icon on the right hand side of the drug.

The icons for each action are as follows:

You must be a clinician to perform this action (see user permissions) .When administering a drug you need to select a patient that you are administering the drug to. To do this click the magnifying glass icon next to Patient

To find a patient, type the patients name into the search box on the right hand side of the popup and then select the patient from the list.

If the patient you want to administer the drug to isn’t there then click add patient, provide their details and click add, then search for them in the list and select them as above.

Once you’ve selected a patient, provide the dosage administered, the date administered and press administer drug. The drug administration is now recorded and the stock has been updated.

Destroy Drug:

Destroying a drug requires clicking the destroy drug icon, providing a reason for destruction and then pressing destroy drug. If the drug is controlled then this must be witnessed by a controlled drug destruction witness. See below for how to do this:

Transfer drug:

Transferring a drug is relatively simple in drug manager. Firstly, press the transfer drug icon; you are now presented with a drop down list of all the containers you can transfer the drug to, select a container and then enter the number of items you wish to transfer, this can be all of them or just some. Press transfer and the drugs will move from their current container into the one you selected.

Return drug to supplier:

Returning a drug to a supplier is very similiar to destroying a drug, the process is the same but it is audited that the drug was returned. A reason must be provided for the drug being returned, if the drug is controlled thena witness must also be provided and authenticated. Press return drug and the drug is now removed and recorded as returned.

Correct drug stock:

Correcting the stock of a drug is something that in theory should never need to happen. Mistakes do happen though and this is how mistakes are corrected. If you realise a mistake has been made then press the correct drug stock button, provide the ACTUAL stock of the drug, provide a reason for the discrepancy and press correct drug.

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